Our History

With the firm idea of ​​creating a restaurant with a sophisticated atmosphere in which families, groups of friends, work teams and couples would gather, the visionary entrepreneur Juan Celso Graniel Romero started the Bovino's Churrascaría restaurant. Which opened its doors in May 2009 in the beautiful city of Cancun. Under Rodizio's concept, those who visited us knew in advance that a real feast awaited them; However, even the most strict palate began to discover several reasons to be surprised, due to the quality and variety of our exquisite and juicy cuts. In a short time, Bovino's Churrascaría established itself as one of the favorite restaurants, both for local customers and tourists visiting Cancun; Just six years later, in April 2015, success allowed the opening of our branch in Playa del Carmen. The history of our group continues to be written and we are sure that once you visit us and savor our succulent premium cuts with the authentic Brazilian style, you will become part of our family, and you will discover that Bovino's Churrascaría is the place where the pleasure of eat and do business, they walk together .