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In Bovino's Steakhouse and Seafood we offer our guests the traditional experiences of the Brazilian churrasco, to let them enjoy and live the experience with each of our Choice quality meat cuts, prepared on the grill by our stake experts. Our gauchos will visit your table offering several cuts of beef, buffalo, chicken, pork, and lamb with different preparations, allowing you to feast upon a parade of unique flavors on your plate. Change your traffic light sign from green to red if you need to pause your service or when you already feel satiated! Do not forget to accompany your meat cuts with the variety of our Gourmet Specialties Bar, where you'll find cold and hot dishes, such as: soup, pasta, paella, sushi, vegetables, cheese, salads, cold cuts, gourmet cheese, among other specialties that will be the perfect complement for each bite. Additionally, enjoy your food with the best selection of our wines and cocktails, like the refreshing caipirinha, the traditional drink from Brazil. In Bovino's Churrascaria you will enjoy Premium attention and unique flavors that enhance the pleasure of eating.